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Chairman Jim Burn  
 Pennsylvania Democratic Party  

"With CPEC's help, we have been very successful in coordinating the campaigns of many candidates with outstanding results. We look forward to working with CPEC in future elections with the same success."

Joe Preston
State Representative Joe Preston
 House Democratic Campaign Committee

"CPEC’s service was extremely professional. They worked with my campaign through the entire process. I will definitely use them again."

State Representative Scott Conklin  
Democratic Nominee for Lt. Governor  

"CPEC played a key role in my campaign. Without their voter contact program I would never have been able to get 69% of the vote in a 43% district. Their Auto-ID program allowed my campaign to focus on winning over undecided voters and have a truly top notch GOTV operation."

Mary Isenhour
Executive Director Mary Isenhour 
 Pennsylvania Democratic Party  

"The PA Democratic Party's partnership with CPEC has resulted in electoral successes across the board. Their efficiency and effectiveness are just a few of the reasons we'll be working with CPEC in the future."

Luke Ravenstahl
Mayor Luke Ravenstahl  
City of Pittsburgh  

"CPEC was invaluable in our GOTV operations. Their service was unmatched and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

Previous Clients

CPEC has worked with more than 300 unions, State Democratic Party organizations, Democratic candidates and campaigns in 31 states during the past four election cycles. Over this time we have over a 76% winning percentage.

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2011 Pollie Awards

Best Overall Phone/Field Campaign
State Representative Matt Bradford

Best Automated Calls -Organization
State Representative Rick Moribito
Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee

Best Automated Calls -Statewide Candidate
Scott Conklin for Lt. Governor

Best Automated Calls -Local Candidate
State Representative Matt Bradford

Best Automated Calls -Bilingual/Multilingual/Foreign Language
Leon Tejada-Latino GOTV Call
Frank Caprio for Governor

2010 Pollie Awards

Best Overall Phone/Field Campaign
Stacy Parks Miller for DA

Best Automated Calls -Organization
North Program- Mifflin County Democratic Party
Montgomery County Judges - PA Democratic Party

Best Ballot/Initiative Campaigns
Pike Library -Herron's Eye Design

Most Innovative Use of Automated Technology- Local Campaign
Stacy Parks Miller for DA

Most Innovative Use of Automated Technology- Special Election
Lukach for State Senate- PA SSDCC
Smith for Council- Allegheny County Democratic Party

Best Automated Calls -Statewide Candidate
Judge John Younge- The WS Group

Best Automated Calls -Local Candidate
GOTV- Stacy Parks Miller for DA
Accomplishments- Mayor Luke Ravenstahl  (2010 Reed Award finalist)

2009 Pollie Awards

Automated Calls State/Local-Grassroots
Leach Williams/Rendell- CPEC, LLC

Automated Calls Independent Expenditure Campaign: State-Democrat
Remember When....... CPEC, LLC  

Automated Calls State Wide Constitutional
Philly Down Ballot- CPEC, LLC

Automated Calls-Contrast/Negative
Huffman Hit (F/M)- CPEC, LLC

Automated Calls For State Organization
Clean Water Rendell- CPEC, LLC

Phones - Automated Call- Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
Ravenstahl/O'Connor-CPEC, LLC

2009 Reed Awards

Automated Phone Calls - State Legislative & Local Candidate
CPEC, LLC – "Remember when..."

Automated Phone Calls – Statewide Candidate
CPEC, LLC – "Philadelphia Down Ballot"