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Our goal first and foremost is to elect Democrats. We have spent countless hours refining our calling strategies and delivery methods so as to maximize your vote while minimizing voter angst towards your calls. CPEC will work with your campaign to develop a plan that will give you the best chance of success.

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Duel Message Our fiber-optic PSTN technology delivers two different messages to the voter. The first message is targeted to those voters who answer the phone live, while the other message is tailored only to answering machines.

Answering Machine OnlyOur voice detection software differentiates between live answers and answering machines with a 99.7% accuracy, well above the industry average of 92% for POTS and 86% for VOIP calls. This allows your campaign to minimize voter angst by choosing a less invasive method of contact.

Patch Through CallsFor just 1/2 of a cent more than our standard robocall price, we can transfer calls to any number your campaign may desire. This is particularly useful for event calls as well as Election Day activities.

Automated ID Calls:

With our tone response system, we are able to conduct automated surveys for live answers. Additionally, a recorded message can be played to answering machines. Auto ID results typically run 10-15% per round depending on the universe, the number of questions and length of the survey.  These results can be appended to your voterfile.

Predictive Dialing:

With predictive dialing your volunteers can do what they do best, persuade voters.  Our predictive dialer will make sure your phonebankers are not wasting time dialing numbers or leaving messages.  Our Predictive Dialer provides all the features you need to achieve the maximum number of successful calls by the minimum number of agents.

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